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Why Birmingham Law Firms are all you need for your Employment Needs birmingham-law-firms

Even if you are the most conscientious employer, you will at one time or another need the services of a lawyer. While many people prefer to find employment lawyers from the much bigger towns, most Birmingham law firms can offer you exceptional employment law services. The following are some of the services you can expect from a number of law firms in birmingham.


Advice on Employment Decisions

Birmingham lawyers can help you in the making of important decisions including firing, and employee classifications. When making critical decisions such as dismissing employees for bad performance, misconduct, changing pension plans, or reclassifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees you need to hire a lawyer to review the likelihood of a suit and possible liability.


Representation in Administrative or Legal Proceedings

If or/and when an employee sues you, a Birmingham lawyer will come in handy to represent your business in legal or administrative processes. Given the complexity of employment lawsuits or administrative charges such as harassment, retaliation or discrimination, having a lawyer represent you will ensure that your rights are protected. They will not only offer counsel on how to respond to charges and lawsuits, but they will file your responses fast, and present evidence at the hearing in the right way.


Reviewing Documents

It is always advisable to consult or contract a lawyer to troubleshoot and review relevant employment contracts, severance agreements, releases, and any other employment related agreements you typically sign with your workers. A lawyer can look through your employment documents to ensure they are legally enforceable. They will also tell you when it is appropriate to use each type of contract.

Birmingham lawyers provide consultation and review of personnel handbooks and policies to ensure that they comply with laws and regulations in relation to occupational health and safety, final paychecks, family leave, and overtime pay among others. A lawyer will review your documents to ensure that the wording does not create unintended obligations, thus protecting you from future liability.


If you are an employer, it is only a matter of time before you need the services of a lawyer. However, you do not need to find counsel in the big cities as law firms in Birmingham can perform most of the necessary employment law related activities such as offering advice and consultation on hiring and firing, drafting of employment documents, reviewing workplace policies and handbooks, and representing you in administrative and legal proceedings.